Note: To be able to get the engine on you game, you'll have to put everything into the same folder. Also, you have to put sound download into a sound folder, and cabview into a cabview folder. Also, if there are any, read the "readme" notes.


And if there is any problems with the engine, just tell me via email and I will be happy to fix the problem for you :) 

                                                                                                                             Thank You

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Reskins By Me

The Steam Team

Thomas the Tank Engine (My Version)

Thomas can be described as a cheeky, fussy little engine. He often gets into scrapes, usually by being over-eager to do things best left to bigger and more sensible engines. But clouds never last long in Thomas's world and he's soon bustling about again, playing his part in the yard and on his very own branch line, of which he is extremely proud. He is a 0-6-0 blue tank engine. He has become the title star of the television series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends (now known as Thomas and Friends). Thomas first appeared in The Railway Series by the Rev. W. Awdry.

Thomas's character can change from time to time, from cheeky like Percy to wise like Edward. He is always, however, extremely proud to run his own branch line, and is very fond of his two coaches, Annie and Clarabel. He has the number 1 painted on both the side tanks.


This is my version of Kerry McCoy's Thomas model, with brighter red linings (I know the Kerry McCoy models should be under "By Others", but since I did change just a little bit, I'm putting the ones with red linings on top, and the originals on the bottom). Plus, Thomas' eyes kinda creeped me out, so I changed them so they have better texture and a different position. I also put in 2 folders so that you have the eyes either looking left or right. Plus, I also added a diver and fireman to the cab.

Download link:

Edward the Blue Engine

Edward was the first character to appear in The Railway Series by the Rev. W. Awdry, and is part of the central group of characters in the TV Series. He is a blue 4-4-0 tender engine with red stripes, about the same size as James, and bears the number 2 on his tender.

Edward is the oldest and wisest engine in the core fleet, and other engines often find themselves indebted to his knowledge and sharp skills. His personality however underwent a change in season 10. Edward is more cheeky and just a bit less kind.


After so many request, I'm finally put my reskinned version of Edward up (Woopie freaken doo!) with a modifide whistle. Hope you enjoy him.

Download link:

Old-Shaped Henry the Green Engine

Henry the Green Engine (My Version)

Henry is a 4-6-0 engine, one of the first engines to appear in The Railway Series books. Henry is engine number 3 on the railway, and is painted green with red stripes. In the first season, Henry looked much like Gordon and often suffered from boiler trouble due to design flaws. He then had an accident when pulling The Flying Kipper caused by ice and snow, after which he underwent extensive reconstruction, giving him a new shape, which he has had ever since. Henry often takes the goods train or the express.

Henry's character can be difficult to pinpoint. Sometimes, he is somewhat pompous like Gordon, at other times he is sensitive, other times he is somewhat depressed. But overall, he is very intelligent. Henry has also from time to time suffered from "illness". Since the third season, however, Henry has had a more consistent character trait added, being portrayed as having an admiration for nature, particularly trees.


This is my version of Kerry McCoy's Henry model, with brighter red lines and number on his tender. Plus, I was final able to make the whistle from the show, which I will do for the other engines too.

Download link:


Gordon the Big Express Engine

Gordon was the second engine to appear in The Railway Series. He is locomotive number 4, a 4-6-2 tender engine, painted blue with red stripes.

Gordon has always viewed himself as the most important engine, mostly because of his size and strength, and that his main task is to pull the Express. At times, this can lead to him feeling superior. However, he usually learns his lesson, realizing that all engines have their place in the team.


New Gordon made by James Roberts-Thomson, with a repaint by me to fit it in

Download link:

James the Red Engine (My Version)

James is a tender engine, numbered 5 and coloured red with gold stripes & dome. He is a 2-6-0 mixed-traffic engine, which means he can pull coaches and trucks equally well. While James is one of "the big engines" (a trio with Gordon and Henry), he is certainly the most junior member of this clique, often resulting in him getting 'too big for his boots' (wheels). He often brags about his red paint, as though this makes him superior to other engines, a notion which is usually dispelled quickly enough.


Here's my reskinned version of Kerry McCoy's James. Plus, he have a costom made whistle from the show.

Download link:

Busy-Bee James

Toby the Tram Engine

Emily the Beautiful Engine

Emily is a "Stirling Single" engine. She is painted dark green with gold stripes. She speaks with a Scottish accent.

She caused Thomas to be upset when she accidentally "stole" Annie and Clarabel, but after saving Oliver from an accident, she was rewarded a pair of coaches of her own.[1]

Emily first appeared in Season 7, and from Season 8, she has been a part of the core group of characters, known as the Steam Team.


My brand new and improved MSTS reskined Emily. This one is reskined from a CR Single, instead of the MR Single like I did last time. And don't worry about the name of the folder name. Just don't change the name or it won't work. Enjoy!

Download link:

Emily V2

Now, I know what you're thinking: "OMG!!! Finally!!!" right? This is why I LOVE illusions! This engine is a 4-4-0, not a 4-2-2. The steam is hiding the second rod (you can kinda see it). But it a really good reseblence, don't you think?

Download link:

Recurring Characters

Arthur the Spotless Engine

Arthur is a maroon tank engine with gold stripes. The Fat Controller brought him to the railway for his spotless record.

Arthur had something of a rocky friendship with Thomas from the start. When he arrived on the railway with his record intact, Arthur did not want to be forceful with the trucks like Thomas or Percy. Thomas decided to trick Arthur, telling him The Fat Controller did not want the trucks to sing. The trucks sang all through Arthur's journey, and he became angry and rough with the trucks, leading to an accident. Thomas confessed to causing the accident, and he and Arthur decided to mend their friendship.

Arthur hoped to have his own branch line when Thomas was assigned to the fishing village run. For taking over Thomas's train after an accident, The Fat Controller offered Arthur the line for himself. Thomas had to work at the fishing village again, but was determined to get away from the smell of fish quickly. He ignored Arthur's advice to take five trucks at a time, and had an accident himself, making the job last even longer.


i had another Arthur reskin, but I didn't know if it was right. Its a good thing I trust my train instincts!!! I had the wrong model. Anyway, here's the real Arthur reskin.

Download link:


Belle the Fire Engine

Belle is a large dark blue tank engine (the largest tank engine on Sodor) built for firefighting. She has fire hoses fixed on her side tanks, and a brass bell above her cab.

Belle first appears in Series 15 but officially in the 2011 special Day of the Diesels, and is based on a BR Standard Class 4 2-6-4T locomotive. Belle is painted regal blue with red and gold fittings and red and regal blue wheels and red hydro cannons. She has the number 6120 painted on her sides in gold.


Updated! A bigger, better Belle.  

Hydro Cannons will be coming soon!

Download link:


Bill and Ben

Bill & Ben are twin tank engines who work for the Sodor China Clay Company. They are painted amber, have four black wheels each and have their names attached to their sides on brown nameplates. Apart from their nameplates, they are identical – which can be confusing to engines who don't know them well. They are smaller than the other engines they work with. They have "SCC" written on both sides and "Brendam Bay" on the front above their faces.

They are young and cheeky and love playing jokes on the big engines, but are kept in order by Edward and BoCo (and, since season six, Mavis or other engines). They work in the china clay quarry and at Brendam Docks, where they are kept busy shunting trucks. The Fat Controller sometimes allows them to carry out special jobs, like taking BoCo's heavy goods train and running 'Brake Van Specials' for visitors, who sometimes come to the quarries to see the twins.

Bill & Ben are based on two 0-4-0 tank engines built by Bagnall's of Stafford that worked at Par in Cornwall named Alfred and Judy. They are unusually low, allowing them to fit under bridges that taller engines could not. The real examples are both preserved at the Bodmin and Wenford Railway.

Bill & Ben were introduced in Season 2 and have appeared since on several occasions.

Recently, pictures of the Bill/Ben models during the production of season 2 were found, in which they bore numbers above their faces in similar fashion to the Railway Series. For reasons unknown, they were removed and have not been seen in any episodes or canon photos.


Updated! New and improved Bill and Ben is here!

Download link:


BTW, can you tell which one is which?

Donald & Douglas the Scottish Twin Engines

Donald & Douglas are twin Scottish 0-6-0 tender engines who feature in both the TV Series and the Railway Series books. They came together from Scotland and, although The Fat Controller was only expecting one engine, he decided to keep both engines in his fleet, giving them the numbers 9 (Donald) and 10 (Douglas) respectively, as well as nameplates. They are painted black, and have red name plates with gold writing.

If not for coming to Sodor, Donald and Douglas would surely have been scrapped. Because of this, not only are they grateful to have a home, but they are always very sombre and serious when it comes to the topic of scrapping – a sensitive issue among the steam engine characters.


My favorite twin engines!

Download link:


Harvey the Crane Engine

Harvey the crane engine is involved in repair and recovery jobs on The Fat Controller's railway. His queer-looking crane arm, which bears the number 27, gained some negative attention from the other engines at first. After clearing an accident and impressing the railway board, Harvey gained the others' admiration. Harvey quickly became a fixture of the breakdown crew, pulling the railway's cranes and work coaches. Recently, a large rolling crane called Rocky was brought to Sodor. When a job is too large for Harvey, Rocky can be brought in to do the job quickly. Both now share duties in the breakdown crew.

Harvey has been known to stay at Knapford Sheds with Salty and Murdoch. Harvey was hurt when Murdoch snapped at them for being chatty, but he soon came to appreciate their company.

Harvey is painted brownish-red with gold lining, and has large, square wooden buffers. He is based on a real crane engine, No. 4101.


Download link:

Hiro the Japanese Engine

Hiro is an old Oliver Island (Japanese style) tender engine. Hiro was supposedly the first steam engine on the Island of Sodor (but is really much younger than most of the narrow gauge engines), and was nicknamed "The Master of the Railway." After many good years of service and earning himself a fine reputation on both Oliver Island and Sodor, Hiro started to break down. The mechanics did not have parts for him at the works, and he had to wait for parts from Oliver Island. In the meantime, he was put into a disused siding. More engines came, and he was quietly forgotten. After many years alone, Thomas discovered him by accident after his brakes failed. Hiro was in a sad state. He was almost broken and rusty beyond repair, and insecure of his ability to be useful any more. Thomas decided to try and help Hiro himself, but wouldn't tell The Fat Controller for fear Hiro would be scrapped. Thomas, with the help of his friends, reassembled Hiro with various fitting parts from the Sodor Steamworks. However Spencer became suspicious of Thomas, and spied on him. He eventually scared Thomas out of Hiro's forest with the old engine rattling as fast as he could behind him. This caused Hiro to fall apart again, and he lost nearly all his new parts, save for his rebuilt boiler. Soon afterward, Thomas told The Fat Controller what happened, and Hiro was sent to the Sodor Steamworks, where Victor oversaw his restoration. After Hiro was mended, he worked with Thomas and Spencer for a short time, but became homesick. Several days later, he was sent back to Oliver Island, after a glorious farewell celebration at the docks.


Note: Name this folder "SNCF141R420" or it will not work.

The Hero of the Rails himself. Hiro is my best and hardest reskin so far. But you do have to take my word for it.

Download link:

Patch-Work Hiro


Molly is a yellow engine with four large driving wheels. Molly was sensitive when she arrived to the railway, and disappointed with the job of pulling empty trucks. Thomas tried to make her feel important by decorating the empties and telling the engines she had an important job. This backfired when a tarpaulin flew off, and the trucks were seen empty. Molly learned the importance of her job, however, when the engines at the coal depot needed her empty trucks for their trains. 


Note: Name this folder "GER_D56" or it will not work.


So far, this is my latest reskin. It surprised me after I finshed that her face kinda came out in a sort of 3D look. Hope you enjoy.

Download link:


Murdoch is a large, strong tender engine and is among the bigger steam engines on the lsland. He is somewhat shy, and prefers the quiet countryside to the constant noise of industry.

When he was brought in to help with goods work, Murdoch was annoyed with all the noise around him and rudely dismissed anyone who tried to talk to him. When he finally reached the country, his quiet was interrupted by a stray flock of sheep. After the noise of that event, he was glad to share a shed with Salty and Harvey. When the engines were decorated forMay Day, Murdoch was bashful about appearing dressed up.[22] He is later seen laughing at Emily being with Whiff. When Emily got stuck in mud another time, Murdoch helped pull her out. He also helped shunt Rocky when Thomas and Stanley went recollecting lost stones for the Sodor River Bridge.

Murdoch often hauls heavy loads and equipment, like Rocky the crane. He is based on the BR Standard Class 9F goods engines; the last steam engines to be built for British Railways from the mid 1950s to 1960.


Comes with custom whistle from "Peace and Quiet". I also fixed him so that he can pull a huge load. There's an example picture of him pulling a HUGE line on freight cars under "Pictures".

Download link:


Murdoch Eng. and Wag Replacement

The Murdoch you've downloaded has a coupling problem. These replacement files will fix that.

Download link:

Oliver the Great Western Engine

Oliver is an 0-4-2 tank engine. Oliver was introduced in Season 3, being saved from scrap by Douglas, along with his brake van, Toad.

On arrival at Sodor, Oliver was restored, painted green, and given the number 11. He was allocated to work with Duck on his branch line, The Little Western.

When Oliver arrived on Sodor he was not used to handling trucks. While shunting his first ballast train, an incident resulted in Oliver landing bunker-down in a turntable well. On his return from the Works, Oliver learned how to deal with them with the help of Toad.


New model!!!


Download link:


Rosie the Pink Engine

Rosie is a new tank engine to the Island of Sodor. She is mostly orchid, with light grey sides and red wheels. Her face is dotted with freckles.

Rosie can be headstrong at times. She has tried to help Thomas when he told her not to, and once tried to take Emily's train to the funfair, not realizing that her trucks were breaking away.

She often works alongside Thomas and has come to idolize him, although he's annoyed at her attempts to copy him. During a storm he tried to avoid Rosie while travelling to High Farm. Rosie, who followed him closely, came to take the train when Thomas was caught in a landslide, and he appreciated the help. Rosie later came to help Thomas when Hector was being disruptive at the coal depot. Hector's shouting ran Rosie from the yard, and Thomas angrily forced Hector off the rails in retaliation. Some time after, Rosie rescued Thomas when he had splashed into a puddle and put out his fire. Thomas asked Rosie to take his special for him, and she willingly obliged.

Rosie debuted in Season 10 and has appeared in every season since, as well as making cameos in every full-length special since. She is based on a USA class 0-6-0 "Dock Tank" engine.


Download link:


Spencer the Silver Private Engine

Spencer is a sleek, fast engine who frequently visits The Fat Controller's railway. He is the private engine of the wealthy Duke and Duchess of Boxford. The other engines were initially very impressed with him, but over time came to resent his arrogance.

Spencer's pride is often his downfall. On his first visit, he ran out of water on the hill when he failed to heed Gordon's advice. Later, he lost a race to Edward when he thought the old blue engine was too slow to catch up. Spencer taunted Thomas for being too slow, and when the Duke needed to make an urgent trip, Spencer's boiler would take too long to heat properly. Spencer was the antagonist in the movie Hero of the Rails. He tried to have Hiro scrapped, but while racing Thomas a bridge collapsed beneath him, dropping him into a marsh, ironically being rescued by Hiro himself later.



I found out that the Spencer I have is the wrong model. Now I have the new model up and running. Enjoy!

Download link:

Download link for new face:

Stepney the Bluebell Engine

Stepney was stranded on a siding in a scrapyard on the Other Railway when Rusty found him and convinced him to travel with him to the Bluebell Railway.

Stepney later visited Sodor to have a change from his line, and again to help Toby and Mavis to help at the quarry. This excursion nearly ended in disaster after 'Arry and Bert tried to scrap Stepney, luckily without success, after Stepney accidentally ventured into the scrapyards. Stepney later visited for unknown reasons in one episode, apparently to help Duck again, and was later helped by Edward with the running of a new loop line. During a later visit, he was hit by a truck of sugar in an incident caused by Rosie.



Download link:


Devious Diesel

For more details on Diesel, see The Other Railway Diesel.

Diesel was the first diesel engine to arrive on the Island of Sodor. He is painted black and has six wheels. He first came to Sodor for a trial run, helping Duck. After an embarrassing mistake, Diesel spread mean-spirited rumours about Duck, but once The Fat Controller got to the bottom of the incident, he sent Diesel back. From time to time, Diesel was brought in for help when no spare engines were available. Diesel would usually antagonize the steam engines, and be sent away in disgrace for causing accidents.

Diesel eventually became a permanent resident of the railway, and continued to feud with the steam engines. However, his personality has begun to soften. He was silently thankful when Thomas replaced his water-contaminated oil, and agreed to help the steam engines to complete an important job for The Fat Controller. Diesel stole the special coaches commemorating Gordon's record express run, but later revealed it was only because his own shunting record had gone unnoticed. The Fat Controller and the engines felt sorry for him, and at Gordon's ceremony, they presented Diesel with a new motor to replace his faulty old one. Once, Diesel rolled in front of Thomas in a billboard photo by mistake. Thomas failed to tell Diesel about the second shoot, and Diesel did the other engines' work while they were gathered for the photograph, making him late for his own jobs. When Thomas realized what happened, he decided to make amends by finishing Diesel's incomplete jobs. Later, Diesel created trouble when he challenged Thomas to a race backwards around the quarry. This left a special unfinished, and Diesel willingly helped Thomas clear the mess and finish their job.


I usually put the engines in numerical or alphabetical order, but I thought I put the first ever Sodor diesel on the top. This is my most successful diesel reskin.

Download link:

Arry and Bert

The brothers Iron 'Arry and Iron Bert are diesel engines who work at the scrapyards and smelters of Sodor Ironworks. Their bodies are Grey-green with yellow and grey-green hazard stripes.

They feel superior to steam engines, and working at the scrap yards, they enjoy the chance to break up engines, or at least make their lives more difficult. They've earned a reputation on Sodor as "The Grim Messengers of Doom." Despite their prejudices, the diesels have co-operated with steam engines on occasion, and when they're in trouble, steam engines often come to the rescue.

'Arry & Bert are British Rail Class 08 diesel-electric shunters.


Download links:

Iron 'Arry:

Iron 'Bert:

Boco the Metrovick Diesel

BoCo is a diesel who works on branch lines and the main line.

BoCo had an early misunderstanding with Bill and Ben when he took their trucks away. The twins played a trick on BoCo, making him think he was seeing double. BoCo would often laugh about the trouble Bill and Ben caused, and with Edward's help, made sure the twins stayed out of trouble.

Gordon initially disliked BoCo because he was privileged to pull Main Line trains, but turned around when BoCo "saved" him from Bill and Ben. James didn't like taking advice from a diesel, and called BoCo names after the diesel warned him about bees. BoCo gets along well with Edward, and defended him when the other engines said he should be retired.


New model!!!

The only problem is that the face is on both sides... again. Other than that, came out great!


Download link:



Daisy the Railcar Diesel

Daisy is a diesel railcar who came to work on the branch line when Thomas needed repairs. The Fat Controller decided to keep Daisy when she proved she could be useful. Her face is decorated in make-up, including eyelashes, red lipstick, and purple eye-shadow.

Daisy complained of the working conditions when she arrived, and was rude to the older coaches. She refused to pull any freight for some time, making up excuses about a fitter who said pulling trains was "bad for [her] swerves." This passed for a while, until Percy had an accident, leaving Daisy and Toby to run the branch line. The Fat Controller was cross with Daisy and told her that he sends lazy engines away. With her promise to work harder and a good word from Toby, Daisy was allowed to stay on the railway after Thomas and Percy were repaired.

Since her arrival, Daisy has found out how hard shooing stray animals really can be,[and learned to co-operate with the steam engines again when important work needed to be finished.


New model!!!

I finally found this one-car railcar that made out into a descent Daisy.


Download link:




Dart is Den's fast and feisty assistant at the Dieselworks. Dart has worked with Den for so long...he can read Den's mind or engine. His catchphrase is "Dizzy Diesels!"

Download link:


Derek is a diesel who was brought to Sodor to help Bill and Ben at the clay pits and quarries around Brendam Docks. Derek had teething troubles, his cooling system often failing. He stalled once while banking Bill and Ben's train up a hill, and the tank engines had to pull him up along with their train. Derek was sent toThe Works, and Bill and Ben admitted that he was friendlier than they expected.

Derek is a British Rail Class 17 Bo-Bo diesel-electric locomotive; a type nicknamed "Claytons". He is painted in the dark green livery of the British Railway diesels with yellow warning panels.


Download link:


Diesel 10

Diesel 10 is a large and villainous grumpy (but aggressive) diesel engine with a claw attached to an arm on his roof. In Calling All Engines, he uses the claw to lift scrap metal and debris into trucks on The Fat Controller's railway. Thomas and Percy were frightened of him and made sure to avoid him whenever possible. Eventually, Thomas needed his help in order to clear a wreck at the airport, and to patch a feud between steam and diesel engines. He convinced Diesel 10 that helping the engines at the airport would make him the most useful engine of all. According to the narrator, "Diesel 10 was grumpy, but like all the engines, he likes to be Really Useful". So Diesel 10 agrees, and with his help to clear scrap, the airport opens on schedule.

Diesel 10 appeared briefly in a later special, The Great Discovery. He was one of a number of diesel engines waiting at the quarry when Thomas went missing. In Misty Island Rescue, Diesel 10 makes an appearance in full CGI for the first time, and has seemed to have reverted to his classic evil persona (as seen in Thomas and the Magic Railroad), promising disaster for the engines to come very soon while clamping his claw with an evil laugh (which was a cliffhanger to Day of the Disesls).

Diesel 10 returns officially in the 2011 special, Day of the Diesels, now described not only as villainous but as the most devious of all diesels, and the "master of mischief on Sodor. He likes trying to outwit the Steamies, often causing confusion and delay. When Diesel 10 is around...there will be trouble."

Diesel 10 is based on a British Rail Class 42 with an olive/golden-coloured tan-stripe paint scheme.


Update! The most devious of diesels, the master of mischief, the king of chaos. And now, with Pinchy!!! The first Pinchy was too big, so I made a smaller one (not too small) and it came out as good as the first. Pinchy made by me by Google Sketchup 

Download link:



Mavis is an 0-6-0 diesel shunter painted black with yellow hazard stripes. Like Toby, her six wheels are concealed by side plates and a cow-catcher. She also has her name, and "The Ffarquhar Quarry Co. Ltd." written on both sides.

Mavis works at the quarry near Toby's line, and annoyed him by arranging the trucks in the way she thought best. She refused to listen to Toby's advice, which got her into trouble. Mavis wanted to leave the quarry, and arranged a plan with the trucks to push her down Toby's line. The trucks ended up pushing Toby instead, onto a dangerous bridge. Mavis apologized to Toby for the accident, and The Fat Controller thanked her for rescuing Toby, promising that she could come down the line whenever her manager agreed.

Mavis later began working with Bill and Ben at Centre Island Quarry, where they answered directly to The Fat Controller. She often had to look after the twins and make sure they stayed out of trouble. As time went on, the quarry was more often worked by Thomas, Diesel, or 'Arry and Bert, while Mavis has remained in operation there. Mavis has been consistently amiable towards the steam engines, and Thomas turned to her when an important job required steam and diesel engines to work together.


Now updated! This is my second best Sodor diesel reskin. the only problem is the cone on top is missing. Well, at least you hardly notice, right?

Download link:


Salty the Dockside Diesel

Salty is a battered old diesel who works at Brendam docks. He loves the sea more than anything, and has a fund of sea stories and shanties. Bill and Ben did not want to hear his stories at first, but now they enjoy hearing these tales, but Cranky the Crane is not so fond of them.

Apart from the yellow-and-black "hazard" stripes, on his front and rear, Salty is mostly painted crimson with light red stripes, and carries the number 2991. He speaks with a West Country accent and uses a lot of nautical slang. Salty works well with trucks, but how he manages to keep them in order is a closely guarded secret. He is also one of the few diesels who has no quarrel whatsoever with steam engines.

Salty is based on a British Rail Class 07 dock shunter, no D2991 still in use at Eastleigh Works in Hampshire. He first appeared in Season 6, and has appeared intermittently since.


Download link:

Narrow Gauge


Rheneas is one of the oldest engines on the Island of Sodor. Rheneas is painted vermilion with black nameplates and the number "2" on each of his sides.

Rheneas was first featured in the fourth season, in which Skarloey told of how Rheneas' dedication saved the railway despite considerable obstacles. This dedication earned Rheneas extensive repairs, and he was touted as a hero on his return. Since returning, Rheneas has worked diligently on the Narrow Gauge Railway on Sodor.


my thrid favorite narrow gauge engine (Skarloey's my second, and Rusty's first)

Download link:


Peter Sam / Stuart

Peter Sam began his life as Stuart, working on an old railway with Duke and Falcon (Sir Handel). He has dark green paint with red stripes, red nameplates and wears the number "4".

Peter Sam was bought to work on the Narrow Gauge Railway at the same time as Sir Handel, and often ended up apologising for his old friend's behaviour. Coaches and trucks alike found him polite and easy to get along with, so he quickly became a useful addition to the railway.

Following an accident with some trucks, Peter Sam's funnel came loose and was taken off by an icicle hanging in a tunnel. The replacement funnel was square and strange-looking. The other engines made fun of the new funnel until they discovered how well Peter Sam worked because of it.

Peter Sam first appeared in Season 4, and he has made appearances in every season (except Season 8) since. In The Railway Series, he was given a red coat of paint like the other narrow gauge engines.


Updated! Fixed the name and add the middle body so it'll look like the model on the show. And I fixed the face too.

Download link:


"Bald" Peter Sam

Peter Sam with New Funnel

Funnel and body made in Google Sketchup by me.


Download link:

Rusty the Little Diesel

Rusty is the only diesel engine on the narrow gauge railway. Rusty is mostly orange, with his name and the number "5" painted on his side in white.

Rusty came to the railway to help maintain the line, pulling trains of workmen and equipment around the railway. Rusty is fearless, practical, and friendly. Rusty quickly made friends with the other engines. Although Duncan can be rude to him, he always apologizes after Rusty has helped him out.

He was one of many engines to make the transition from The Railway Series to the TV Series in Season 4. In The Railway Series he was painted black with a similar nameplate to the steam engines.


If you didn't notice from my collection video on youtube, I chose a different diesel for Rusty. Probably my second favorite narrow gauge engine, and number 1 favorite narrow gauge reskin.

Download link:

Duke the Lost Engine

Duke is considered a hero among most of the engines on the Island of Sodor. He is coloured brown, with his name displayed on both sides. He was named after His Grace, the Duke of Sodor, and whenever anything went wrong he would exclaim, "That would never suit His Grace!"

Duke lived and worked on a now-closed railway with Stuart and Falcon. He was the oldest engine on the line, and liked everything to be "just so". This prompted Falcon and Stuart to give him the nickname "Granpuff". When the railway closed, Stuart and Falcon found new homes, but Duke was left behind in his shed. Many years later, a group of enthusiasts excavated Duke's shed, and promised to reunite him with Stuart and Falcon. All three were very happy to meet each other again.

Duke was introduced in Season 4, but this is the only season to date in which he was featured. The story of Duke was based upon a true story about an engine abandoned in the Brazilian rain forest. Duke himself is based on the engine Prince, a tank and tender engine on the Ffestiniog Railway at Porthmadog, North Wales.


Just one thing to say: sorry that the faces isn't facing directly forward. Its the only smile face I could find.

Download link:


Smudger the "Generator" Engine

Smudger is a reckless tank engine who worked on Duke's old railway. Smudger liked to show off, often riding roughly and derailing. He scoffed at Duke's warnings, which prompted the Manager to turn him into a generator behind the engine shed. It is not recorded what happened to Smudger when the line closed.

Smudger was only seen in "Granpuff," substituting a red Baldwin called "Number 2" from the original story in the Railway Series. Smudger's model was similar in shape to Rheneas, but painted a dark green with black stripes. Smudger is based on a Jennings Fletcher 0-4-0 engine.


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Bertram the Old Warrior

Bertram is an old dark brown engine who worked near an isolated mine on Sodor. He is known as the 'Old Warrior' because of his bravery. He remained at the mine until it was rediscovered years later. Toby thought he was a ghost at first, but the two were later introduced and became friends. Bertram now works at the restored mines, taking passengers to the fairground at the site.

Bertram only appeared in "Toby's Discovery" and had no dialogue. His body was modified from Duke's, and his face was taken from Smudger. According to Britt Allcroft, Bertram was intended to be a tank engine.


He was easy to reskin because I reskined him from my reskin of Duke.

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Fearless Freddie

After many years of absence Freddie returned to the Skarloey Railway. Although the reason for his absence is not stated, one can presume that Freddie was either on loan to another railway or undergoing an extensive overhaul.

Upon returning home, Freddie challenged Rheneas and Skarloey to a series of races up and down the mountain. After realizing that he wasn't as strong as he once was, Freddie used his knowledge of the mountain routes and short-cuts to secure victories. However, when his cheating placed Rheneas in danger, Freddie was forced to put his knowledge to better use.

When Mr Percival's new bike was delivered to the Wharf without a bell on it, Freddie decided to find a bell - even though he didn't know where to find one until he saw Thomas taking an old foghorn and decided that the bell from the old bike could be used for the new one.

One Christmas, Freddie tried to re-organise a party so that Colin can take part. Despite his best efforts, Freddie left telling Mr Percival about his idea until the last minute. Luckily, Freddie's idea was sorted with the party taking place at the Wharf for Colin.
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Luke arrived on Sodor from a neighbouring land (either the Mainland or Ireland). It had always been his dream to come to Sodor. When Luke arrived on Sodor, he hid out of shame believing that he caused Victor to fall into the sea. With Thomas' help, Luke learned the truth and was able to stop hiding.
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Railway Series

RWS Thomas the Tank Engine

I finally found the engine I was looking for. I don't know why I choose this engine for RWS Thomas, but I like it. Funny picture, huh? I didn't expect Thomas' surprised face, but I think it suits the picture. 

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RWS Henry the Green Engine

RWS Gordon the Big Engine

Just because I'm using a new Gordon, that doesn't mean that I have to get rid of my previous Gordon, right? 


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RWS Toby

RWS Annie and Clarabel

All I got to say is: They came out better than I thought they would.

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RWS Duchess of Hamilton

London Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) Princess Coronation Class 6229 (British Railways number 46229) Duchess of Hamiltonis a preserved steam locomotive living at the National Railway Museum in York. She made a cameo in Thomas and the Great Railway Show.


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RWS Flying Scotsman

Flying Scotsman is given a major role in the 23rd book of the series, Enterprising Engines.

Henry becomes jealous of Flying Scotsman's two tenders, and comes unstuck when he tries to copy by towing a line of old tenders used for storing boiler sludge.

Flying Scotsman appears once in the TV Series, though only his two tenders are seen.


Finally done! Gordon's brother, the Flying Scotsman (that's why I put them together is the picture), is finally uploaded to my website. Comes with its two tenders and an aready-done consist.

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Sixteen (16)

Sixteen was a troublesome saddletank engine.


Sixteen lived with several other engines at a steelworks, where his job was to take trucks of slag to a place called the "tip". Sixteen wanted to go past the "DANGER" board and managed to do so one rainy day, blaming the incident on the trucks. His fireman was told to reverse him, but before he could do so, Sixteen tilted and landed on the ground on his side. He was rescued and sent to the sheds in disgrace, but luckily for him he was purchased by a preservation group in the Midlands and now works on their railway.


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The Foreign Engine (The Big City Engine)

The Foreign Engine (known as the Big City Engine in the Wooden Railway line) is a tender engine from the LMS built at Crewe in May 1934. He once stayed the night in Vicarstown with Gordonand Duck. When Gordon remembered a trip to King's Cross in his youth, the engine told him he went to Euston, and Duck replied he really went to Paddington. (In fact, all three were right, but that's another matter). The argument continued even after the engine had left the next day.


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D199 (Old Reliable; Spamcam)

D199, nicknamed "Old Reliable" and "Spamcan", is a rude Diesel engine.


D199 was built in the early 1960s and came on trial to Sodor in 1967 with another diesel engine, 7101. D199 soon made himself an enemy of the steam engines when he claimed that "steam engines spoil our image", and was swiftly quieted by 7101 and Duck.

The next day, 199 ironically failed and had to be helped home by Henry. He was soon sent home in disgrace.


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Rolling Stock

Annie and Clarabel

Annie and Clarabel are the two coaches who work with Thomas the Tank Engine on his branch line. Although they are old-fashioned, Thomas loves them very much and the three of them are quite inseparable. The coaches often offer advice to Thomas, and often appear more experienced than he is. Other characters have pulled them when Thomas was preoccupied, which usually makes Thomas upset as he worries for the coaches' safety.



Freshly reskinned to look more like the television series.

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Green Coaches

Red Coaches

Henrietta (Reskined)

I desided to try and give Henrrietta a "touch-up" and make her look like she does on the series. Came out well (besides the fact she's still a bogie). I has also found a 4-wheeled version of her, but I thought it was too small. I will probably upload that one too, just in case.


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Old Slowcoach

The Old Slowcoach is an elderly express coach. Thomas and Percy found her lying in a scrapyard, where she'd been waiting for years to be broken up. When a workmen's hut on a coastal construction site caught fire, Thomas and Percy saw a chance to have Old Slowcoach repaired and brought back from the scrap yard, and she briefly served as a home for the workmen. She was later part of a special train for Mrs Kyndley's daughter's wedding, as the "Something Old".

She wears the "chocolate and cream" paintwork of the Great Western Railway, and appears to be based on the Great Western Railway's clerestory coach stock. Season 5 is the only season to feature Old Slowcoach.


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Gordon's Special Coaches

Gordon's Special Coaches V2

Gordon's Special Coaches
For breaking his speed-record again, Gordon was rewarded with a new set of coaches. Emily was to collect them to deliver them to the ceremony, but Diesel stole the coaches and hid them in a siding. Diesel gave them back after he told Emily that he too had set a record. They were only seen in the tenth season episode, Emily and the Special Coaches.
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Spencer's Duke and Duchess Coach V2

The Mail Train

Mail Coaches are used to run a special night train pulled by  Thomas or Percy, but in recent seasons the train is pulled in broad daylight and Percy is almost always in charge, although  Oliver, James, and Edward have taken the train on occasion.


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Season 1 Coaches

Season 1 Coaches V2

I re-reskined these coaches to look even more like from the series. Plus, I added a brake coach that I miss-looked.


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Special / Visitors Coaches

For very special visitors, there are two maroon coaches with a dull crimson finish and red lining. They are similar, maybe even identical, to the Duke and Duchess of Boxford's private coaches. According to the ERTL character description, these coaches enjoy traveling, especially with Gordon.


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Emily's Coaches

I've only did a little change of color to match Emily's. All the rest belong to Robert (I think that's his name)

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The Breakdown Train

The Breakdown Train consists of two flat-bed trucks, two rail-mounted cranes and a workmen's coach.

It is used for rescue and clear-up operations after accidents, but is also kept busy on maintenance, construction, repair and demolition jobs around the railway. The train is painted olive green, and the coach features the words "Works Unit" on the sides.

In recent seasons, Harvey has often hauled the workmen's coach and breakdown cranes, while Rocky has been used for larger jobs.


Here's the breakdown train. Now, to make it look like the one on the show, you have to make the consist like this:

Crane<>Flat<>Flat<>Crane (Reverse)<>Sodor Utility Coach.


Download link:

Narrow Gauge Coaches (Blue)

I didn't bother to put faces on (okay, i forgot they had faces!). And because of my messed-up Ace It, I couldn't fix it or make the red coaches. But, I guess it doesn't matter, right?

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Narrow Gauge Coaches (Red)

Narrow Gauge Coaches (Open Green)

The Jet Engine

The Jet Engine only appeared in the sixth season episode Thomas and the Jet Engine. Thomas went to Brendam Docks to collect the jet engine from Cranky, who got huffy after Thomas told him to hurry up, and accidentally switched it on, sending Thomas rocketing off down the line, only stopping when the Jet Engine ran out of fuel.

Note that this would not happen in real life, for the following reasons: a Jet Engine would never be transported carrying fuel, Thomas would have surely derailed at the speed he was going at, and, even if he didn't, the friction would have ground his wheels down to nothing.

The Jet Engine is mounted on a large grey wellwagon, which also consisted of a red fuel tank and two large crates covered I with tarpaulins.

One point to note is the model has a larger central box while "engaged" (this can be seen as the box is wider than the truck itself), probably to house the large motor which powered the model.


I made this using Google Sketchup. I would make more stuff, but I have 2 problems:

1. I don't know how to make the wheels move.

2. the texture changes to a brighter color when the sun is on it.

If anybody knows how to fix ether of this problem, let me know please :)


Note: The Jet Engine Off is under Freight. The Jet Engine On is under Diesel.

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Troublesome Trucks

Troublesome Trucks (also known as Foolish Freight Cars in U.S.) love to play tricks on the engines who haul them. They will often push, drag and hold engines back while chanting loudly. Their behaviour is sometimes unprovoked, but occasionally they seize an opportunity to cause trouble as retaliation for an engine's abuse. They also don't like over-confident new engines who start giving orders, and will often play tricks on them to put them in their place.

The trucks don't seem to care if they get damaged when playing a trick. They have been the cause of many accidents on the railway, and many engines dislike working with them.

Some engines work fairly well with trucks. Edward has never provoked trucks, Stepney finds them a fun change from his scenic passenger route, and Salty makes them cooperate by having them join in chanties.

Occasionally they have helped the engines out by working to get rid of a common enemy, like Bulstrode or Diesel.


Note: Name the folder "8 plank Rhymney" or it will not work.

Hope you can tame the trucks. Don't let them push you...or pull...or drag...or hold you back.

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Troublesome Trucks (Faceless)

I found some other trucks. unlike the ones above, these come with more than one load, like coal, clay, gravel, and lots of other stuff. The problem is that I didn't bother to add faces, but I will soon

Download link:


Reskin By Others (in other words, not by me)

The Steam Team

Percy the Small Engine

Original 3D Model built  by Reg Furniss. This is the model I use for the series (until Kerry McCoy's model comes out anyway).

Download link:

Recurring Characters


Narrow Gauge


Skarloey is one of the oldest engines on the narrow gauge railway (in the original books he is the oldest). He is painted burgundy with white stripes, and sports the number "1" as well as nameplates on both sides.

When Skarloey first appeared in Season 4, he had not worked in some time, but soon proved his worth once more. He has often been a dedicated worker and a very wise engine, however later seasons have portrayed an element of timidness, and occasional childishness. The back of Engines and Escapades even describes him and Rheneas as a young and mischievous duo.



This reskin model belongs to Rexelijets. So, to show that I give full respcet to others, I am directing the link to his website.


Railway Series


At this time, Bear was known by his number, 7101.

7101 came on loan to Sodor with another diesel named 199. 199 was blatantly arrogant and bad-mouthed the steam engines until 7101 and Duckshut him up.

The next day, 7101's injector failed while pulling the "Limited". Henry, who was already towing 199 and had failed himself while pulling some oil-tankers, came to help; 7101 was still able to move by himself with some help from Henry. To the passengers' delight, Flying Scotsman took their train, while Henry helped 7101 home.

The engines persuaded Sir Topham Hatt to let 7101 stay on, and renamed him "Bear". Bear liked this name, saying it meant he "really belonged".


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Wilbert the Forest Engine

Wilbert, formerly "G. B. Keeling", is a navy saddletank named after the Reverend W. Awdry, who was at one time president of the Dean Forest Railway.


Wilbert was manufactured by the Hunslet Engine Company in Hunslet, Leeds, England, in 1953 and worked as a shunter at a colliery in Staffordshire. He was purchased by the Dean Forest Railway in 1976 and given the name "G. B. Keeling" in August 1981, but was renamed "Wilbert" on September the 13th, 1987, after theReverend W. Awdry, who was then the president of the railway.

On November the 8th, 1983, Wilbert was honoured to haul a royal train for the Duke of Gloucester, and on September the 8th, 1991, attended the opening of the line to Lydney Lakeside with City of Truro.

When Donald and Douglas needed help on the branchlines in 1993, the Fat Controller borrowed him from his railway in Gloucestershire - the railway's controller was a friend of his - to give the twins some assistance. However, after Percy had an accident with some sacks of oatmeal, Wilbert was redirected to Thomas' Branch Lineto do Percy's work. After Percy's return, Wilbert went to help Duck and Oliver on the Tidmouth-Arlesburgh branch.

In 2010, Wilbert was nearing the end of his major overhaul. Once his overhauled boiler returned in August 2010, he was partially-completed for a re-dedication by Reverend W. Awdry's two daughters during a Day Out with Thomas event. However, following the ceremony, Wilbert was put back into the workshop and dismantled to allow his overhaul to continue.

Following completion of his overhaul, Wilbert returned to service in April 2012, very appropriately on the Dean Forest Railway's Day Out with Thomas event. He is to be made available for hire to other heritage railways.



This reskin model belongs to SodorWorkshops. So, to show that I give full respcet to others, I am directing the link to his website.


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Rolling Stock


Henrietta is Toby's faithful coach, based on the Wisbech and Upwell Tramway non-articulated GER four-wheeled coach.[20] She worked with Toby on their old railway, and when that line closed Toby could not bear to leave her behind. The stationmaster had wanted to turn her into a henhouse, but the Fat Controller agreed that "that would never do."[16] The two are inseparable, and whenever they are apart they worry about each other:

Toby had wanted to take Henrietta, but the Fat Controller had said, "No!"...He wondered if Henrietta was lonely. Percy had promised to look after her; but Toby couldn't help worrying. "Percy doesn't understand her like I do," he said.
—Rev. W. Awdry, "Double Header", in The Eight Famous Engines.[21]

Henrietta carries passengers and is used to bring quarry workers to and from work. In "The Fat Controller's Engines" (The Eight Famous Engines), she is used as the Fat Controller's private coach when the locomotives take a trip to the Other Railway.[22]

Henrietta was the only named character not to be illustrated with a face in The Railway Series until book 41 of the series, Thomas and Victoria. In this book, Henrietta is depicted with a small rectangular face where a window on the end doors would be. It is the same colour as her cabin, like the other coaches. She does not have a face in the television series.


Here's the best Henrietta replica I could find. Model and texture by Ian Macmillan. I do not own anything. I didn't even reskin.

Download link:

Toad the Great Western Brakevan

Toad worked with Oliver on the Great Western Railway before being threatened with the prospect of scrapping. Oliver, Toad, and an autocoach named Isabel ran away for the greener pastures of theNorth Western Railway, but Oliver ran out of coal en route. Luckily, they were rescued by Douglas and brought back to Sodor. In the Railway Series, Toad asked to be Douglas' brakevan as a show of thanks. In the television series, Toad is Oliver's brakevan rather than Douglas'.

When S. C. Ruffey began to start a trend of disrespecting the engines, Toad had the idea for Oliver to show Scruffey and his lieutenants the error of their ways. This turned out better than expected, for Oliver pulled S. C. Ruffey apart and won back the respect of the trucks.

In the television series, Toad was tired of always going backwards and wanted to be a leader for a change. The trucks decided to teach Toad to be careful what he wishes for by breaking away from Oliver on Gordon's Hill, and as a result, he narrowly avoids James, crashes into some level crossing gates, and stops by taking a plunge into a pond. Afterwards, Toad decides that always going backwards isn't bad after all.

Later in the television series, Toad was with Oliver up in the hills when they asked Gordon if he needed some help.


Download link:

The Spiteful Brakevan

The Spiteful Brakevan was a troublesome brakevan who took a dislike to Douglas and purposely delayed his trains until Donaldbumped him violently to teach him a lesson.

After Donald ran into the Tidmouth signalbox, James was saddled with the brakevan, who continued his old tricks. Douglas, as a result, had to help James up Gordon's Hill, and subsequently crushed the brakevan into pieces. He was never rebuilt after that, and scrapped.


Download link:


LNER Brakevan

Just a regular brakevan I use most in my series.


Download link:

SR Slate Cars

Slate Trucks are the Skarloey Railway's main type of truck. Besides carrying slate, they have been known to carry broken branches and sheep. They dislike Sir Handel because he often bumps them.

The slate trucks have appeared in every season since the fourth, with the exception of the eighth, thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth seasons.


Download link:

Goods Trucks for the Skarloey Railway

Contains 12 wagons for the narrow gauge engines


Credit goes to Kevin Martain 


Download link:

Beatrice the SR Brakevan

Beatrice is the passenger brakevan on the Skarloey Rly. She is as old as the other four coaches but she is never left behind. The other 4 all sniff at her, because she smells of fish and cheese! Beatrice is always "on her guard" so don't try to bump her. She is larger than Cora but they're equally important.


Credit goes to Kevin Martin and David (rwaceyw) for their help and testing of Beatrice

Download link:

Cora the Guard's Van

Cora is a Guard's Van originally from Duke's Old Line. She was Stuart's (Peter Sam) guard's van. When the line closed, Stuart and Falcon (Sir Handle) were bought and were sent away to the Skarloey Rly. Later Cora was bought along with 3 other coaches and was also sent to the Skarloey Rly. She is reunited with Peter Sam and is used for work trains and goods trains. She is very happy. 


Credit goes to Kevin Martin for all of his patience and help


Download link:


Lady the Magical Golden Engine

Lady is a special engine who works on a distant railway. Thomas once visited this railway in a dream, and saw Lady working alongside Rusty. Lady told Thomas that she and Rusty finished their jobs by working together, which made Thomas determined to make the steam and diesel engines cooperate.

Lady is painted in a violet paint scheme with gold stripes, smokebox, siderods and name.

The Calling All Engines DVD's Character Gallery calls Lady "a magical engine. When she works along the rails, she spreads gold dust along the rails. Lady has been known to help Thomas and his friends when there was no other engine to turn to."


Comes with a custom whistle. I also improve the texture and color. Model provided by mattyshoe (a.k.a. Chris).

Download link: